Organic Wacky Apple Testimonials

"I've been eating dried fruit for years, but the Wacky Apple Flat Fruit is my favorite! It is so delicious I can't believe there is no added sugar. I've looked at the packaging countless times and I am still surprised I don't see any processed ingredients! It is my favorite on-the-go snack, I take it everywhere! Even my dog loves it!"

Kara L. Aspen, Colorado

"I just bought a couple of your Flat Fruits at Whole Foods in Salt Lake City. I love to eat dried fruit strips, I eat at least 3 a day, and yours are by far the best I have ever had. I live in Pocatello, Idaho and I am so upset that I did not buy more because I can't get them here. I love your cinnamon Flat Fruit. I will be stocking up next time we go down there. Keep making those yummy flat fruits!! I will be looking for your other products as well so I can try them!!

Mary C. Pocatello, ID

"Our kids are picky eaters generally, but the Flat Fruit is such a hit around here, I can't keep them in the cupboard. The Wild Berry flavor is outrageously good!"

 Jordan S. Texas

“We ordered fresh Wacky Apples weekly through the fall for the kids in the Eagle County Youth Foundation’s after school program. The kids are LOVING the apples. The first day we brought them, the kids at first were griping about it, but almost all of them were asking for 2 or 3 more!”

Mike Santambrogio The Eagle County Youth Foundation

"Wacky Apple snacks are some of the best organic apple based products I've ever had. All my client's children love Wacky Apple too. It's comforting knowing that my apple a day, will actually keep the doctor away, because it's not laced with pesticides/poisons!"

Jodi Link Activity Sitters, Vail, Colorado

"Dear wacky apple,

My family would love to thank you for your juices that are a life saver. Literally, they are a healthy juice that we can give our son Jacob, who is 9, and it is helping us save his life. Jacob has food allergies, FPIES and autoimmune hepatitis. He cannot have dairy, egg, oats, barely, soy and mainly corn. Corn in anything he eats or drinks makes his autoimmune disease worse. Autoimmune Hepatitis is a immune response to foods that causes Jacob to reject his own liver. After 5 years we finally have been able to get his illness under control and he has had no damage as of lately. He is on the medication Imuran which is an anti rejection medication for an organ transplant patients. We buy as much of your juices as we can and Jacob and his brother love them. To find something without corn or soy is truly remarkable for us. Otherwise we have to make his juice on our own and it is hard work as you may know. Again thank you for the work that you do."

Kevin, Ruth, Jacob and Harry Yoss

"As a mother, I feel that it is so important for my daughter to eat organic food. So many foods, especially foods and snacks for kids, have added sugars and corn syrup. I believe that if she puts good food, that doesn't have pesticides, corn syrup and added sugars, into her body she will feel better, think better and her body will be healthier. Additionally, Wacky Apple juices and snacks are a great way for her to get the fruit that she needs. Her friends love them and she often wants to take extras in her lunch to share with her friends at school. We served Wacky Apple juice to her classmates last year during CSAPs and the students thought they were yummy and the teachers were happy that the kids could have a snack that didn't make them antsy but that helped them focus."

Susan B. Denver, Colorado Mom

"As a Mother, it is refreshing to know that I don't have to think twice about giving my children Wacky Apple products. I have visited the local orchard and was impressed by the safe, organic farming methods that are used. Wacky Apple is not only safe for my child, but also safe for the environment. I will always feel confident when buying and sharing products with the Wacky Apple label."

Kelly Helminski Vail, Colorado

I had my son 2 years ago and he absolutely loves the flat fruit and the apple sauce. I’m pretty picky about what he eats and I love that Wacky Apple doesn't make me think about what’s in there, I know it’s just organic fruit!

Connie H. Maricopa, AZ

We are total Wacky Apple evangelists now. Full disclosure: my 4 year old is usually not a big fan of applesauce and we always figured it was just the texture. Nope - must have been the taste! He's plowing through the Wacky Apple sauce like nobody's business. Thanks again for sharing it with us!

Keagan H. Dallas, TX

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