Our Definition of the Word “Wacky”

Our Definition of the Word “Wacky”

When you hear the word “wacky” what is the first thought that comes to mind?

Your first thought of the word “wacky” may differ slightly from ours. Some words that may pop into your head may be words like “crazy” or “odd”. After all, if you look in the dictionary that is just what they give as a definition. However, when the team at Wacky Apple thinks of the word “wacky” they can’t help but smile. To us, it means nothing crazy or odd…except maybe “crazy awesome”!

To us, “wacky” encompasses so many different feelings and emotions. We think FUN, and JOY, and HAPPINESS, and living CAREFREE, and being CONFIDENT and most of all just being your GOOFY, SILLY self!

To me personally, when I think of the word “wacky” I automatically get a picture in my head of my children. I see them being goofy and incredibly happy, with their huge toothless grins and their roaring belly laughs after they do something hilarious, like dancing around with underwear on their head! 😉 Yes, this seriously happens at least once a week in our house! I see them in their most innocent and carefree state with such a deep love of life.

This is why we picked this very special word, “wacky” to represent us. It’s meaning goes much deeper than any definition you may find in the dictionary. It is the joy, happiness, laughter and goofiness that makes life FUN!

Oh…and one last thing. Try saying the word “wacky” in your head without smiling. It’s impossible!

Eat. Drink. And Be Wacky!

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