Everyday is Earth Day

Everyday is Earth Day

It’s an incredibly special day today as it is Earth Day! Yahoo!

Earth day reminds us to focus on the little things you can do to support a healthy, safe and happy world. These things should be part of your day everyday, not just on Earth Day. This day is super special because it reminds us to care for and respect this beautiful world we live in.

There are so many activities and projects you can take part in to celebrate Earth Day. These things don’t have to just be done today but they can be done EVERY DAY to ensure that you are doing your part in taking care of our beautiful world. So, get your families together and go through this list of ways to celebrate Earth Day everyday. Have fun taking care of the world together.

  • Start a garden: start seedlings indoors in the spring and then transition them outdoors when the threat for frost is no longer. Wacky Apple applesauce and apple juice cups make great seed starts. Having your own garden teaches kids how to grow their own food and also where food comes from. Every child should know how food grows. Garden starter
  • Recycle: make an area in your home to recycle plastic, glass, paper, aluminum cans and cardboard. Also set aside old batteries (car batteries containing lead-acid cannot be thrown out in your trash and must be recycled) as well as motor oil, as it could leach into our sewers abd ground and pollute our water supply.
  • Buy Local: join a CSA (community supported agriculture) for your in season fruit and vegetables. Some farms also sell eggs, honey, maple syrup, and dried beans. Find a local rancher for grass fed beef and pasture raised chicken. Shopping local has so many amazing benefits from keeping profits in your community to supporting local growers/farmers, to cutting down on pollution from factories and travel.
  • Community Clean Up: head outside and pick up trash with your kids around the neighborhood and make it a contest who can pick up the most.
  • Around the Home: turn off lights when you leave a room, unplug electronics when you aren’t using them, and be conscious of how much water you are using.

We, at Wacky Apple, care deeply for this beautiful Earth and we try our best to take great care of it and leave our footprint in the world to a minimum. Every day is Earth Day to us and it shows it our growing practices. Here are a few things that we do everyday to ensure we are taking care of the earth and in turn providing safe, nutritious and delicious snacks for growing, healthy bodies:

  • Composting: All of the waste from making our Apple products goes into composting and then is used as fertilizer for our soil. You could say our apples go full circle!
  • “Use Water Wisely”: we irrigate with sprinkler systems so we do not waste or use excess water
  • Organic/Sustainable: we NEVER use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides! No thank you!
  • We keep it local: We supply jobs and income for families in our small agricultural town. Our products our grown, harvested and packaged in the same place.
  • We love the Bee’s: without the bees we wouldn’t have our apple trees! In an effort to increase the bee population we maintain and care for the bee hives year round. We love these little guys!







We plan to always remember to leave a small footprint on our earth and hope you will try to do the same. Feel free to share other ways that you celebrate Earth Day everyday by commenting on this blog post. Happy Earth Day!

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