Halloween Craft: Spooky Spiders

Halloween means…pumpkins, ghosts and spiders! Oh my!  

At Wacky Apple we love reusing our containers to come up with new creations. One way we love to use them is to recycle them into a cool and festive crafts. So, don’t go throwing away your applesauce and/or juice containers  before imagining the possibilities of what it could become. 

These spooky Halloween spiders are a fun afternoon craft to make with the kids. Most of the supplies you probably already have in your home and if you don’t, you can pick them up for just a few bucks. 



  • Black acrylic or poster paint
  • paintbrush
  • googley eyes
  • glue
  • pipe cleaners, one color or a variety of colors, cut roughly 4 inch long
  • scissors
  • Wacky Apple applesauce container, cleaned and dried


Start by having an adult help you cut four small holes on each side of your cup, near the rim of the cup.  These will be where your 8 legs (pipe cleaners) will go (4 on each side). After you cut your holes, paint your cup with your black paint and let it dry for about 15-20 minutes.  Once its dry, insert the end of your pipe cleaner into one of your 8 leg holes.  Once a small bit of the end of the pipe cleaner is in the inside of the cup, fold over the end of the pipe cleaner so it doesn’t come back through the hole.  Do that with the rest of the 7 legs and bend the pipe cleaner a bit to make it look like the spider is walking.  Next, place a dot of glue on your googley eyes and place them on the front of your container.  Get creative and enjoy your spooky spider!

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