Play With Your Food

It’s totally ok to play with your food, especially when it promotes learning, right?!   We enjoy “playing” with our Wacky Apple flat fruits to learn our shapes, letters, numbers, spelling and math.  You and your child could even create a story out of your flat fruit shapes.  With a little imagination, anything is possible.

We use small cookie cutters or child sized scissors to cut out shapes, letters and numbers.  For smaller children that is enough to entertain them but for older children you could take it a step further by using the numbers to create math equations or using the letters to spell words or get ready for an upcoming school spelling test.


We also love having flat fruit handy while traveling.  We keep it in our travel bag and when boredom occurs (or your kids get hungry) we take out the flat fruits and start creating whatever our hearts desire. 

When you make learning fun, your children will learn to love it and appreciate all of the ways that learning occurs.  

You would of thought a little dried fruit could be so entertaining?!image


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