Organic Fruit Juice Cups

Wacky Apple Fruit Juice is delicious in every sense of the word!

Made with only the best ingredients for only the best tasting juice around. We never add sugar or artificial ingredients. Our juice is always Certified Organic, Certified Kosher, Vegan, NON GMO, BPA Free, Gluten Free, Corn Free, Soy Free, Nut Free and Dairy Free! We are passionate about the highest quality products and our goal is to make healthy food, delicious & fun!

People ask us why we use concentrate in our juice and we want to tell you why! Concentrates are made by juicing the fresh picked fruit, cooking it down (like making a reduction) until some of the water has evaporated, thus concentrating the brix (natural sweetness from the fruit) and the flavor. The increased brix content in the concentrate makes it significantly less prone to bacteria, making it safer to store. When we receive an order, we add clean Rocky Mountain water back into the concentrate to reconstitute the juice, making FRESH Wacky Apple juice.

Each flavor is as refreshing as the next, from Apple Grape to Wild Berry. Serve them chilled or warm, whatever tickles your taste buds. Our unique packaging makes the cups of juice spill proof and squeeze proof! Simply poke the straw into the foil lid, sip and enjoy!


Apple Juice

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Wacky Apple Apple juice is an apple-tastic version of the classic ! We use only great quality, certified organic apple juice concentrate and clean Rocky Mountain water to make this refreshingly delicious juice!


Fruit Punch

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If you are ready for a fun and fruity party in your mouth, than our fruit punch is the drink for you! We make this unique blend with organic apple juice concentrate, organic pineapple juice concentrate and organic blackberry concentrate. We add only a dash of real organic fruit punch flavor just to ensure every gulp is as perfect as the last!


Grape Juice

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Our groovy grape juice is like a blast from the past! Clean, crisp and bright, just how grape juice should taste. Using only pure organic concord grape juice concentrate, and clean Rocky Mountain water make this the perfect Grape-escape!


Wild Berry Juice

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Let’s get wild, with Wacky Apple’s Wild Berry Juice. Made with the perfect combination of organic apple juice concentrate, organic blackberry concentrate, and just a smidgen of ‘wild’ berry flavor to create that WOW factor when sipping Wild Berry!


Apple Grape Juice

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Apple Grape is the perfect blend of sweet and tart creating a celebration in your mouth! We use a combination of our Apple-tastinc Apple juice and our groovy Grape juice to make this fantastic blend!

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