Wacky April Fool’s Pranks for Kids

We love getting WACKY here at Wacky Apple so April Fool’s Day is especially fun for us!

As a parent I love doing crazy, silly things for my kids. More often than not, I am the one getting pranked and fooled by my creative little munchkins!

Here are a few fun pranks that you could pull on your kids tomorrow. Look out, though because they may be out to FOOL you too!

  1. Stick googly eyes on the food in your refrigerator
  2. Make up a batch of brown E’s (sprinkles optional ;))
  3. Turn all of the picture frames and artwork in your house upside down
  4. Replace your Wacky Apple juice with Jello
  5. Stuff toilet paper in your kid’s shoes
  6. Put fake spiders, snakes or insects in your kids bed or in there lunchbox

Honorable Mention Pranks:

  1. Super glue a few coins on the ground or sidewalk outside
  2. Wake your child up with loud music, an air horn or in another silly way
  3. Tell your child they are getting an IPad and get an eye pad bandage out of your first aid kit to give to them
April Fools
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