What’s that in my Wacky Apple Fruit Punch?

What is that in my Wacky Apple fruit punch juice?

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We have been receiving some inquiries lately regarding the sediment in the bottom of the Fruit Punch juice cups.  Some of our customers are concerned that gunk in the bottom of the cup may be mold, or something that we obviously shouldn’t be consuming.  YIKES! That is the LAST thing we would ever want our customers thinking, so let me take me minute to explain.

Please know, some sediment is normal in the Fruit Punch as the natural pineapple juice we use has some pulp in it and it sinks to the bottom of the cups.  As the pineapple oxidizes (like when you leave a fresh cut apple out and it turns brown, same idea!) the pulp from the pineapple changes color.  It gets its weird color when we mix it with the blackberry and apple juice, and it often turns an orange/green color.  It’s like magic…or like when your kids mix the yellow, blue, pink, and orange paint together.  Anyway, we mix up huge batches of juice when we make it, so some of the cups end up with more sediment than others.  When it sits on the shelf at the store for awhile, that pulp/sediment settles to the bottom.

 Actually, the fact that it settles to the bottom is a good thing.  Naturally occurring sediment sinks and mold floats.  Good future knowledge for you with any product or science experiment you or your family may leave in the fridge.

All jokes aside! We take concerns about things and inquiries like this very seriously! We strive to make the highest quality products for you and your family.  We are diligent about cleaning our factory and product lines, after and during use.  We work very hard to use only the highest quality ingredients in our juice and all of our products, in an effort to ensure are products are always safe and delicious.

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We are a family company, and family health and safety is of the utmost importance to us! We will continue to strive to make the highest quality products and if you ever have a concern, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone, email, or our Facebook page.

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