Celebrating the Apple Harvest

Celebrating the Apple Harvest

It’s officially Fall, which also means peak apple harvest time across the region. For our family it also means our annual trip to Wacky Apple’s home base of Hotchkiss, CO for some apple picking and wine tasting with good friends. We pack this weekend full of tastings at our favorite hometown vineyards, a BBQ with fresh local produce and meats, dining at delicious local cafés, a visit to the pumpkin patch, and a relaxing backyard camp out.

Healthy Mountain Mom Apple TripThis weekend is also our chance to roam through the countless Wacky Apple orchards in search of the perfect apples; ripe, juicy and oh so sweet. While we pick….We Eat 🙂 There is nothing better then fruit picked right from the source! We pack our bags full of apples to take home to make breads, pies, cakes and more. Although, most of ours are just eaten as is or dipped in a bit of almond butter. My favorite part of this trip is watching the kids run up and down the orchards just enjoying the simple pleasures of the outdoors and the warm fall sun.  They love every second of it.

This weekend is one I look forward to every year and I hope that our tradition continues (next year will be our 4th year).  It is always an amazing trip! How could it not be when you are surrounded by family, friends, the beautiful Rocky Mountains and hundreds of the most delicious apples you’ve ever tasted?

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