Halloween Mummy Juice & Fresh Apples

The Mummy’s are OUT just in time for Halloween !

Mummy juice and mummy apple slices make for a perfect Healthier Halloween treat and are incredibly easy to make.

Use them as a safe, allergy friendly party favor at the kids school party, serve them as an after school snack or at your next Halloween bash.

Supplies Needed:

For Juice Cup Mummy’s

  • Wacky Apple Juice Cups (any flavor)
  • White Gauze, tape, fabric, or even toilet paper
  • Google eyes or stickers
  • Simply wrap your white fabric/tape/gauze around the cup and attach the eyes. Easy peasy!
  • For Fresh Apple Mummy’s
    • Fresh Apples
      Chocolate chips (mini or regular depending on your apple size), dried cherries, raisins or blueberries
      Vegetable Peeler
      Lemon juice

    Simply “peel” away a few strips of skin from the Apple to give it the “mummy effect”. Squirt a little lemon juice over the apple to prevent browning (optional). Add on eyes with the dried fruit or chocolate chips.

    Both make great healthy additions to your next Halloween party!

    USDA OrganicNatural Food CertifiedColorado Proud