Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing, kind, thoughtful, imaginative, strong, patient, adventurous mothers out there.

Today we celebrate YOU and the mothers who:

  • put their children first no matter what; by eating last and sharing their food (because your plate of food always looks better than theirs ;)), putting their “work” on hold, and not missing any important events 
  • sit and stare at their newborn babies face for hours, thinking “where did this beautiful soul come from”
  • sacrifice months of sleep so that their children are cared for in every way; using bottles of eye cream and trying their best to smile, laugh and change out of their sweat pants even though they are oh-so comfortable and they feel like a zombie-mommy 
  • stay awake in worry when their children are sick; giving them snuggles, popsicles, massages and comfort
  • provide comfort in times of sadness; wiping tears, kissing boo-boos (and patching them up with cool superhero or princess band-aids), and mending broken hearts as best as we can
  • play and imagine for hours; building forts, imagining being the kings and queens of castles, fighting dragons, going on covert operations, having tea parties, and doing anything that will build their child’s imagination and make them smile
  • cook and bake for hours of their days so that their children can be nourished, full, happy and thriving
  • clean the house, do the laundry, and make their home a place of happiness and love so their kids can feel less stressed, organized, and clean 🙂
  • find the most incredible joy and happiness in the “smallest” moments (that really turn out to be the biggest moments of life); your child’s first steps, first words, first day of school, waking up with a morning snuggles from your child, a hug or kiss from your child for no reason, a homemade gift on Mother’s Day or any day for that matter… and SO many more!
  • serve as their children’s biggest fans; hooting and hollering at sporting events, hanging up every peice of artwork their kids create, and pushing them with optimism and confidence every single day
  • watch their children grow into amazing kids, teenagers, adults and then become grandparents of their own; every minute thinking “these moments and this life goes way too fast.”

Motherhood is the most amazing ride and is a constant adventure. Enjoy the ride and cherish every single moment. Life goes too fast. Cheers to a day just for YOU.



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