Healthy Up Your Halloween Treats

It’s almost time for Halloween parties, trick or treats and scary costumes! Call me crazy but I am already thinking about what I am going to do with the loads of candy that my son scores from trick or treating. Surely, we will eat some but it’s definitely not necessary to eat it all. I am kind of old school, but I wish people wou

ld still give out healthy treats (like wacky applesauce, juice or Flatfruit! Ps…that’s what we are giving out ;)). I know my son doesn’t get too excited about getting toothbrushes in his bag (though I think it’s a genius idea!) but I know he loves to get healthier options like applesauce, flat fruits, fruit snacks, and crackers.

As for Halloween parties, whether at school or your home, don’t forget the healthy options. My friend just had an amazing Halloween “Zombie” Party for 20 elementary boys at her house and she had such a great assortment of treats.  One thing she made was a Pumpkin with baby carrots, olives and a broccoli stem. She had a bowl of hummus for dipping, if desired, and the kids gobbled it right up. It was so cute! Another great idea that I have seen and that I brought into my sons class last year for his Halloween party is to peel a mandarin orange and place a little piece of celery in the top so it looks like a stem. It’s so easy and serves as another great decoration.

Halloween treats

Baby Carrot Pumpkin and Mandarin Orange Mini Pumpkins

The last treat that I want to share was a healthy version of “dirt and worms”. This was another treat that my friend served the boys at the Zombie party and the kids thought it was so cool. Just take an organic sandwich cookie (like the chocolate ones with the cream in the middle), crush those on the bottom of a small, clear plastic cup. Then scoop some organic vanilla yogurt over the top, top the yogurt with berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc), dried fruit, nuts, even a little chia or hemp seed. Lastly put in a gummy worm hanging out of the “dirt”.

A healthier version of dirt and worms

A healthier version of dirt and worms


I hope this gave you all some ideas for great Halloween treats to serve at your next party. I am a holiday lover so watch out…there will be more Holiday Fun to come 🙂

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