20 Ways to Reuse your Wacky Apple Containers

We picked the packaging for our juice and applesauce for a few different reasons. One, is because it can be recycled and two is because it can be reused. 

We believe in leaving a small carbon footprint with the way we grow, process, export and package our snacks and continue to try and do our best to be conscious of ways to always be improving and evolving in this area. 

Because we care about this issue we want to give you a few ideas of how you can reuse your Wacky Apple containers. 

20 Ways to Reuse your Wacky Apple Containers

  1. Seed Starters: plant your garden seeds indoors in the spring in our juice cups
Recycled juice cup planters image

2.  Kids Craft: create a fun kids craft or holiday craft out of our juice cups, applesauce cups, or jars. We have shared an Easter bunny, Turkey, pilgrim hat, and more. Get creative. The possibilities are endless! 

3. Water Glass: use our glass applesauce jars to help you chug more water and stay hydrated throughout the day. 

4. Flower Vase: place water and fresh cut flowers in our glass applesauce jars. 

Flower vase

5. Food Storage: our glass jars are perfect for storing pantry items like rice, quinoa, dried beans, oats, sugar, flour, etc. 

6. Happiness Jar: create a happiness jar by writing one wonderful thing about your day on a peice of paper and storing them in the jar to look at at months or year end. Create a feeling of gratefulness for your daily life. 

More information about creating your happiness jar here: https://wackyapple.com/happiness-jar/


7.  Team Spirit Pom Pom’s: show your spirit for your favorite team by creating Pom Pom’s from our juice cups. Decorate them with your favorite team colors! 

Sarah broncos Pom poms


8. The perfect pen, pencil, market, crayon holder at your desk or in your art room: use our glass applesauce jars to hold your art supplies and pens and pencils. 

9. Salad in a Jar: use our glass jars to help with your meal planning and prep by creating your favorite salads in a jar for an easy grab and go lunch or dinner. Place your dressing on the very bottom and stack with lettuce, veggies, protein, and nuts and seeds.

Salad in a jar

10.  Bug Catchers: get an adult to make air holes in the top of the glass jar lid and use it to catch fireflies and bugs all summer long. Enjoy making a nature home for your bugs in the jar. 

11. Hardware Holder: use any of the containers to hold nails, screws, and other hardware. 

12. Money Saver: use the glass jar as a way to help your kids and yourself save some extra money for a vacation or something you have been wanting. Make a family goal about how much you hope to save and how you can earn money to contribute.

Vacation fund

13. Vacation Memories Jar: speaking of saving for vacation…when you return you can also create a vacation memories jar with souvenirs, plane tickets, theme park tickets or brochures, pictures, and more for you to always remember the special trip you took. 

14. Paint Jars: use any of the containers to separate paint colors for your kids arts and craft project. The applesauce cups are just the right size for a small art project. 

15. Holiday Gift Giving: use the applesauce jar and fill it with your favorite homemade goodies like our Wacky Apple granola or these cookies in a jar. 

Directions to create the Cookies in a Jar here: https://wackyapple.com/thoughtful-gift-giving-cookies-in-a-jar/


16.  Beach Toys: our applesauce and juice cups make for the perfect beach toy. Use them as a digger, create a sandcastle with them or use them to collect beach rocks and shells. 

17. Candle Holder: fill the bottom of our glass jars with a bit of sand and place a small votive candle or citronella candle in the bottom. It works perfect as an outdoor source of light or to scare away the pesky summer Mosquitos. 

18. Celebration Shaker: fill the juice or applesauce cups with dried beans, colorful beads, rice or pebbles and secure a cover. Decorate them to your fancy and use them for noisemakers at New Years, birthday parties, sporting events, etc. 

Up cycle noisemakers

19. Job or Chore Jar: write chores or jobs on sheets of paper or make a laminated printable and compile them into our glass applesauce jar. When it’s chore time for your kids or family just reach in the jar to pick your chore. This is a fun way to get the whole family to help around the house. 

20. Shape Maker: use our containers for your toddler to trace and make circles from the tops and bottoms of the applesauce and juice cups. Who knows what their little imaginations will come up with?! 

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