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  • 3 Smoothies to Make Your New Year Healthier


    In our opinion, smoothies are one of the best meals you can incoporate into your daily diet. The possibilities for flavors are endless but the way to make them are fairly consistent. You will need a liquid, and some fruit, fresh or frozen, and we also love adding veggies and greens. Thats the basics. You ... View Recipe

  • Caramel Apple Float

    Do you need an excuse to eat ice cream all year round?

    Here is your perfect excuse; Caramel Apple Floats.  Sweet and creamy ice cream topped with the fizzy goodness of sparkling apple cider and our Wacky Apple juice.  Drizzle on a layer of caramel and a sprinkle of cinnamon, if you choose, and you are ... View Recipe

  • PB&J Smoothie

    This smoothie will take you right on back to your childhood days of packing up your peanut butter and jelly sandwich with your juice box and an apple in your cool metal lunchbox and heading off to school. It’s almost too good to share! 

    PB&J smoothie

    PB&J Smoothie


    1. 1 ... View Recipe
    2. Kid’s Celebration Mocktail

      Celebrate the New Year or a special occasion  by toasting one another and spreading good cheer with this family friendly beverage. 

      Wacky Apple Wild Berry juice is paired with ginger ale and sparkling water to create a bubbly, sweet and delicious refreshment that the kids (and adults) will get excited about. Bring out the special glasses, ... View Recipe

    3. Apple Juice Slushie

      This is such a fun drink for a kid’s fall birthday party or Halloween party.

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    4. Fantastically Fun Fruit Punch

      Wacky_Apple_Fantastically_Fun_Fruit_Punch_a1– 1 litter carbonated water
      – 1 can organic lemon-lime soda
      – 4 6.8pz cups Wacky Apple Fruit Punch
      – Ice – Sliced Fresh Fruit of your choice

      In  your favorite pitcher or punch bowl combine all ingredients, stir and serve over ice. This makes the perfect ... View Recipe

    5. Wacky Apple Hot Apple Cider

      Wacky_Apple_Hot_Apple_Cider1A perfect warm treat for the family!

      – 1 cup of Wacky Apple Apple juice per person
      – 1/2 teaspoon of mulling spices per container of Apple Juice.
      – 1 cinnamon stick
      – Fresh Organic orange slices
      – Fresh Organic Cranberries

      NOTE: Mulling Spices can ... View Recipe

    6. Wacky Apple Winter Berry Spritzer

      Wacky_Apple_Winter_Berry_Spritzer1– 1 cup Apple Wacky Apple Juice
      – A splash of Organic Berry juice/smoothie. (Columbia George Black Berry is great!)
      – A splash of sparkling water

      Combine together in a fun glass. Garnish with fresh berries and a mint sprig. What a fun way to make ... View Recipe

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