Dessert Recipes

  • Baked Apple Pies

    Baked Apple Pies

    When our apples are in season we always have Baked Apples, Apple Crisp and Apple Pie on the menu for baking.  However, this time we combined all three into one delicious and individual serving dessert.  These Baked Apple Pies have all the flavor of the traditional desserts.  Sweet apples are mixed with a oat and pecan crumble, stuffed ...

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  • Apple Layer Dessert Bars

    Apple Layer Dessert Bars

    Remember the days of Hello Dolly Bars? This is our take on the traditional dessert.  Of course we added in layers of our sweet and using gala apples as well as layers of graham, toasted coconut, chocolate and pecans to create this delectable dessert that will melt in your mouth. 

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  • Caramel Apple Float

    Caramel Apple Float

    Do you need an excuse to eat ice cream all year round?

    Here is your perfect excuse; Caramel Apple Floats.  Sweet and creamy ice cream topped with the fizzy goodness of sparkling apple cider and our Wacky Apple juice.  Drizzle on a layer of caramel and a sprinkle of cinnamon, if you choose, and you are ...

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  • Apple Blondies

    Apple Blondies

    No sugar Apple Blondies made with 5 simple ingredients; apples, almond butter, coconut flour, pure maple syrup, pecans and apple pie spices makes them more of a healthier alternative to the sugar loaded brownie.  They melt in your mouth and pack the sweet tastes of Fall.

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  • Apple Cupcakes

    Apple Cupcakes

    Celebrate the apple harvest, Autumn, a special teacher, or an apple loving kid, with these cute apple shaped and apple loaded cupcakes.  Get creative and let your kids help cook and decorate. We aren’t huge fans of artificial colors and extra sugars, so try choosing a natural dye to color your cupcakes, and go for a ...

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  • Two Bite Apple Pie’s

    Want the taste of a warm, flaky crust apple pie, without the hastle of preparing a whole pie and the temptation to not EAT the whole pie. I am totally guilty of that! These Two Bite Apple Pie’s take just minutes to prepare from start to finish.  All you have to do is grab ...

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  • Healthier Chocolate Cake

    Healthier Chocolate Cake

    Do you have a sweet tooth or craving for homemade chocolate cake but don’t need all of the sugar and calories that go with it? 

    Try this healthier (but still sweet, moist and melt in your mouth delicious) chocolate cake. We swapped out the oil and butter and subbed in our Golden Applesauce and also added ...

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  • Halloween Healthified Mummy Cupcakes

    Our Halloween Healthified Mummy Cupcakes are bursting with chocolate flavor, covered with a sweet and rich cream cheese frostingand decorated as a mummy face.

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  • Heavenly Healthy Apple Pie

    Heavenly Healthy Apple Pie

    heavenly healthy apple pie

    We love this lighter version of our traditional Apple Pie.  Loaded with apples, sweetened with honey and lots of fall flavor. You will have trouble not eating the whole thing!
    A Heavenly Healthy Apple Pie
  • Applesauce Sundaes

    Applesauce Sundaes

    We all have a craving for a sweet treat, like ice cream every once and while, right? Next time you are craving a scoop of ice cream, skip the sugary hot fudges or syrups and try topping it with applesauce instead.

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