Wacky Wonderful Recipes

  • Wacky Apple Pie

    Wacky Apple Pie

    This is our old-fashioned apple pie, with a flaky and buttery homemade crust and sweet and juicy apples in the inside. Literally, to die for! This pie is what a pie should taste like. No store bought crust here. Homemade from start to finish!

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  • Apple Cinnamon Scones

    Apple Cinnamon Scones

    We call these our fancy breakfast biscuits. These scones are moist, flaky and bursting with apple and cinnamon flavor. We even added our own creation of decorative icing for a little flair.

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  • Vegan Apple Pumpkin Muffins

    Vegan Apple Pumpkin Muffins

    A moist and flavorful Fall muffin. This muffin is loaded with pumpkin, chopped apple, applesauce and mashed banana takes the place of eggs to make it vegan friendly.

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  • Apple Chips

    Apple Chips

    We love making these apple chips when we have an abundance of apples. They are so addicting and obviously so much better for you than regular chips. Kids LOVE them and they make a perfect school snack.

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  • Baked Apples

    Baked Apples

    An easy to prepare and healthier option for a Fall dessert.

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  • Wacky Apple Crisp

    Wacky Apple Crisp

    This is a wonderful recipe and activity to do with kids! Let the kids get their hands in the bowls to do the mixing. Don’t be afraid to adjust the recipe to your liking.

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  • Wacky Applesauce Bread, Cake and Cupcakes

    Wacky Applesauce Bread, Cake and Cupcakes

    I love this recipe; it is such an easy and versatile recipe. You can use this one recipe for a multitude of applications. Pour it into bread pans, for a great breakfast treat. Turn it into cupcakes and enjoy decorating them with your kids. You can even pour it into two round cake pans and ...

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  • Wacky Applesauce Cake in a Cup

    Wacky Applesauce Cake in a Cup

    Do you ever have a craving for cake, but don’t want to make a whole one? Try this awesome idea for a single serving, quick, cake in a cup!

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  • Wacky Halloween Applesauce Cookies

    Wacky Halloween Applesauce Cookies

    Perfect for Halloween! Use the above Wacky Apple Applesauce cookie recipe but be creative!

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  • Wacky Apple Applesauce Cookies

    Wacky Apple Applesauce Cookies

    Do you have a craving for a chewy and delicious chocolate chip cookie, with LESS FAT? Well this is the cookie for you! Preheat Oven to 350 degrees In a small separate bowl combine:

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