Wacky Wonderful Recipes

  • Apple, Kale and Parmesan Salad

    Apple, Kale and Parmesan Salad

    This salad makes a wonderful fresh side for a weekend BBQ or summer/fall dinner. Or serve it as a healthy, no fuss meal by itself. It’s a cinch to make and tastes so light and fresh.

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  • Grilled Cheese with Sliced Fresh Apples

    Grilled Cheese with Sliced Fresh Apples

    Grilled-Cheese-and-Applesauce-300x300Use your favorite bread, cheese, and sliced apples to make one of falls best lunches! Lightly butter the outside of each slice of bread. Layer your favorite cheese and apples inside, grill/griddle ...

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  • Grilled Cheese & Applesauce

    Grilled Cheese & Applesauce

    Wacky_Apple_Grilled_Cheese_and_Applesauce1Use your favorite bread and cheese and whip up a quick and delicious grilled cheese. Panini press pans can make it super quick and easy. Remember, low heat, for a longer time makes for grilled cheese perfection. Slice ...

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  • Wacky Apple Green Smoothie

    Wacky Apple Green Smoothie

    Green smoothies are totally “in”, right? As, they should be! They are loaded with nutrition that most people find hard to get into their normal daily diet: leafy greens especially. Just because its loaded up with the good stuff doesn’t mean it should taste like it. Our Green Smoothie is like a tropical ...

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  • Gluten Free Apple Protein Pancakes

    Gluten Free Apple Protein Pancakes

    A protein packed breakfast will keep you satisfied and sustained until your next meal. Try these protein pancakes for your next breakfast to leave you feeling like you can take on the world!

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  • Apple, Pumpkin Breakfast Smoothie

    Apple, Pumpkin Breakfast Smoothie

    This smoothie combines the delicious fall flavors of apple, pumpkin and cinnamon and combines it with old fashioned oats for a filling and fiber packed breakfast. Perfect for a quick kids or adult breakfast on the go.

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  • Sautéed Apples

    Sautéed Apples

    Sautéed apples can spice up a plain old breakfast or dessert. Try them on top of pancakes, waffles, or French toast. You could also mix them into oatmeal (like our refrigerator oatmeal) or plain or vanilla flavored greek yogurt and of course on top of a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream is always ...

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  • Refrigerator Oatmeal

    Refrigerator Oatmeal

    This may soon be a staple in your house for an easy weekday breakfast that the whole family can enjoy. The best part is, everyone can add in there favorite “extra” ingredients to make it fit their personal tastes.

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  • Wacky Apples & Berries Smoothie

    Wacky Apples & Berries Smoothie

    Wacky_Apples&Berries_Smoothie1Makes 1 large smoothie

    – 1 cup Frozen Organic Blackberries
    – 1 4oz Wacky Apple Golden Applesauce
    – 1 Large ripe organic plum
    – 1 cup Coconut Water

    Blend & Serve Immediately! Yum!

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  • Wacky Apple Very BERRY Blaster Smoothie

    Wacky Apple Very BERRY Blaster Smoothie

    Wacky_Apple_Wild_Berry_Blaster_Smoothie1Makes approximately four 8oz servings

    – Two 4oz WA Wild Berry Applesauce cups
    – Two 4oz WA Jr. Wild Berry Apple Juice cups
    – One Large Handful Fresh or frozen Organic Blueberries approx. 1 cup
    – ...

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