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  • A New Take on Guacamole

    I know, I know….when you think guacamole you probably don’t think apples.  I get it, I love tortilla chips too.  But, if you are cleaning up your nutrition or on a restrictive diet, such as the Whole 30 or Paleo, this may be a perfect option for you.  Believe it or not, a crunchy and ...

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  • Apple Nachos

    Apple Nachos

    When you think of “nachos” you may not think of them looking quite like this; apple slices drizzled with dark chocolate, almond or peanut butter, and sprinkled with flaked coconut, pecans and/or walnuts. They are, however, a fabulous take on the word “nacho” and may turn into your new vision of the easy snack dish.

    Apple ...

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  • Apple, Cheddar & Bacon Quesadillas

    Apple, Cheddar & Bacon Quesadillas

    Anything with cheese and bacon is crazy good, right?! Try stuffing it between a tortilla and adding in some sweet and crisp apple slices.  You won’t be dissatisfied, unless of course you are a vegetarian or you don’t do dairy or carbs and in that case, we are sorry. Really though, these 3 flavors of apple, ...

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  • Apple Cupcakes

    Apple Cupcakes

    Celebrate the apple harvest, Autumn, a special teacher, or an apple loving kid, with these cute apple shaped and apple loaded cupcakes.  Get creative and let your kids help cook and decorate. We aren’t huge fans of artificial colors and extra sugars, so try choosing a natural dye to color your cupcakes, and go for a ...

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  • Apple, Chicken and Avocado Salad

    Apple, Chicken and Avocado Salad

    This is just as perfect as your traditional chicken salad but we swapped out the mayo for avocado and added a light lime and herb dressing. This recipe is great for those following a Paleo nutrition plan, or those with egg sensitivities.

    This recipe may take over your old chicken salad recipe.

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  • Two Bite Apple Pie’s

    Want the taste of a warm, flaky crust apple pie, without the hastle of preparing a whole pie and the temptation to not EAT the whole pie. I am totally guilty of that! These Two Bite Apple Pie’s take just minutes to prepare from start to finish.  All you have to do is grab ...

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  • PB&J Smoothie

    PB&J Smoothie

    This smoothie will take you right on back to your childhood days of packing up your peanut butter and jelly sandwich with your juice box and an apple in your cool metal lunchbox and heading off to school. It’s almost too good to share! 

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  • Lunchbox Apple Roll Ups

    Lunchbox Apple Roll Ups

    Don’t let yourself get burnt out with packing school lunches for your kids. Keep foods simple and focus on hitting all of the food groups.  These apple roll ups are incredibly simple to make, taste delicious and serve as a great main course for lunchtime. 


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  • Sausage Apple & Cheddar Quiche

    Sausage Apple & Cheddar Quiche

    This fall inspired quiche is perfect to serve at breakfast, brunch, or for a quick weekday family dinner. The flavors of maple sausage, sweet apples, and creamy cheddar go wonderfully together. Pair it with a fresh, seasonal fruit bowl or a greens salad and you have a delicious meal. 

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  • Apple Pie Energy Bites

    This snack takes just minutes to prepare and is perfect for grabbing and taking on the go, popped into a lunchbox, or eaten for an after workout snack. Sweetened with dates and fueled with fresh apples, organic oats and a hint of cinnamon. It tastes like apple pie!

    Apple Pie Energy Bites:

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